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When you choose to work with us at we make you aware of some of the rights and obligations that you have to meet in dealing with us. Out of our professionalism and competence in offering you the services you need, we require you to meet your obligations and hold your end of deal by showing good faith in dealing with us. We play our part diligently be ensuring that the kind of services that gets back to you is the very highest in quality and in meeting all the obligations you have accorded to us and therefore the ball then rolls on your side. Some of these factors are well outlined in our confidentiality agreement and include;

The Payment Agreement

Out of the details that bind us in our terms of engagement, once we have entered into a deal that we as should provide you with the services that you require, we know that you have given us the permission to charge your credit or the debit card with the amounts that are in line with the service we are offering you. This makes the payments easier and clear for you to follow as well as convenient for us in meeting the costs that are in line with your writing.

You Acknowledgement as Our Client

Once you have signed in with us at and have read the terms and conditions of our engagement and signed on them, it means that our terms of engagement in any writing is binding for each of us to fulfill the duties accorded to each one of us under those terms. Any information that you may require to ascertain our terms and conditions can be obtained if you make a written notice and request of the same.

The Right to Cancel Orders

At times complications may arise in dealing with the orders and you may decide to cancel an order with us once you have placed it. We do not deprive you of this request if you can make a written report via an email in good time. This should be before the writer has commenced on ay work. This makes it appropriate for both of us as our terms of engagement becomes the force that works among us to ensure that we meet all the obligations accorded to us.

Delivery of Assignments and Reasons for Delay

We are obligated to meet all your requirements and needs in writing. By so doing we fulfill our duty that is accorded to us to meet the obligations of delivering professional and timely services, however in the case that you fail to meet your obligations we are not obligated to meet the objectives of your writing.