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It’s that time of year again and you’ve left your paper until the last hour, again! You’ve completely ignored your deadline, so what should you do? Read more to find out.

Don’t do that!

You’re thinking about typing ‘free essays’ in your search engine. There are many reasons why you should not do this. Websites that offer this type of free service are not to be trusted. Why not? Because they are often plagiarised or they are just samples that you will never be able to hand in as your own work, that’s why! Realistically, how many unique online essays do you think are out there for free? The answer: very few indeed. Are you really willing to take the risk? If you are willing to look for papers online where you don’t need to do any of the research and/or work, you should also be willing to put your hand in your pocket and pay for a quality Writer who will ensure the trusty nature of your paper. People or companies that provide free college papers are not a reliable source for your projects and should only ever be viewed as a scam. All they are doing is preying on vulnerable people who have very close deadlines and a modicum of panic.


The most important bit of advice for the future that is sometimes easier said than done is; don’t leave your paper until the last minute! Giving yourself enough time to breathe will leave you in a better position and being less at risk of falling into the trap of online services that advertise free college essays online, when in fact, they’re not, and in return your paper will not be of the standard you expected, or deserve. Handing in a plagiarised or less than satisfactory essay to your professor could result in a failed paper or even expulsion.

What’s the answer then?

But I need help writing an essay for free, what should I do? Your deadline is looming and as useful as future advice is, you need some advice for the here and now. As with all aspects of life, you have to pay for quality. Hence the companies who advertise free online college essays are not, nor ever will be, your answer. There are many places out there that will offer you a reliable service which will come at a small cost. These papers are designed with you in mind. 100% unique and free of plagiarism. If you are in doubt over the reliability of your essay you can always use a plagiarism checker to be sure. You could also think about doing your research online yourself. That’s not a bad idea either. Keeping up to date in your chosen field will mean you’ll be less likely to fall victim to using unreliable companies who offer free online essays at the last minute.