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Proofreading services

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is concerned with the identification and correction of errors within a text. Proofreading is an important part of every piece of work and should always be seen as the final stage. You could think of it as the light at the end of the tunnel. When you feel that your work is ready for proofreading, it is almost finished! Keep in mind that proofreading work is not just important for school and college students, it’s also important for life after study too!

Why can’t I proofread my own work?

  • No matter how observant you think you are, you will never be able to look at your own work with a neutral set of eyes, and you will not notice errors that other people have been able to identify within your own text. You are far too biased to be able to proofread your own work. You only see what you expect to see from your own paper as you’ve spent hours, perhaps days, working on it.
  • Your major may not be in English Language, and therefore your knowledge of grammar may be somewhat lacking. You might not have even registered a complex grammatical error that an English Language major would pick up on almost instantly. Even if you are an English Language major, there is more than just grammar involved when it comes to proofreading!
  • You might also be a sensitive flower who would never think of rewording the majority of your sentences to make it flow better. You have probably gotten so attached to how your paper looks and feels that you daren’t touch it again for fear of destroying it. This is where the experts come in…

Why should I choose online proofreading?

Choosing online proofreading services can help you because:

  • They will not be afraid to hurt your feelings. It’s their job to reword things for better flow or comprehension.
  • You want your work to be exceptional.
  • Your friends don’t have time to help you out because they’re too busy with their own work.
  • Your paper will flow and read better afterwards.
  • It’s not that expensive for a good quality service.
  • You’ll get feedback before you hand it in.
  • Papers containing errors, however small, will always receive worse grades.
  • You want a piece of work you will be proud of.
  • They will make sure your work is consistent.
  • They will also help you with one of the most challenging parts – referencing!